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Above and beyond…

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I lost my daughter Michelle Lynn robinett May 13th 2017 I’m not from Springfield so I called every funeral home in Springfield the man that runs this Funeral Home his name is August he treated my daughter like it was his daughter I have dealt unfortunately with seven different funeral homes in 6 different states over the last 6 years I have never ever ever been so pleased with how this gentleman took care of me her mother and her son. He has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty to grant our wishes. If cremation is what you want please consider using August service he will treat your loved ones as if they were his own family and he will treat your family like you are one of his family. I live down by St Louis and my daughter passed away in Buffalo Illinois and he has been so so kind and his prices you can’t beat those I urge you if you were planning on cremation for your loved one please use this funeral service he has kept me abreast every step of the way there’s not enough words in my vocabulary to thank him and I think anyone that uses his service would be more than pleased as I am. I’m telling you he took care of my baby girl like it was his baby girl and for that I can never thank him enough and should you have to unfortunately use the service you would say the same thing thank you for trudy Anderson my email is on there he’s welcome to give you my phone number if you should have a question that I may be able to answer for you it’s just too bad that I don’t live in Springfield because I would go and prepay for my service but I’m not going to die so he can come get me down around St.Louis LOL but he’s been so kind

Trudy Anderson May 26, 2017

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